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Why I'm Practicing

  • Shivi YadavIndia

    Practicing Buddhism makes me feel empowered. It gives me courage and wisdom to handle everyday challenges in the best possible way and to remain undefeated and fearless. It also makes me a compassionate person who can show the path of true happiness to many more people. It is my great good fortune to have President Ikeda as my mentor.

  • Daiki NakamotoGermany

    In SGI, I was surprised to find that people supported me even without knowing me. I'd always assumed that "help" takes place between people who know each other, but not between strangers. This new environment impressed me so much that I determined to become such a person. Nothing compares to the joy I feel when someone I have supported becomes happy.

  • Leah StensonUSA

    I practice Buddhism because I want to experience happiness and peace in this lifetime and help others do the same. The more compassion I develop, the more I "become the change I want to see" and the more value I create. This gives me a feeling of heartfelt joy and appreciation for myself, for life and for the world.

  • Chong Giat WuanMalaysia

    I was facing many challenges. The philosophy of Nichiren Buddhism and the guidance of SGI President Ikeda have taught me to believe in my own potential and become courageous in facing any challenges. I am now a happier person.

  • Wandile MkhuliseSouth Africa

    I practice Nichiren Buddhism because it is a life philosophy or way of living that directly empowers me and other human beings to be the architects of the solutions to the various problems caused by or encountered in human existence. It is the humanistic way of living I was looking for before I became Buddhist.

  • Piero SistiItaly

    Practicing Buddhism gives me the confidence that I can achieve my dreams, one by one. It has enabled me to overcome all my fears, and given me the strength to help others face the anxieties and worries of everyday life through the power of inner transformation. In a word, it makes me feel fearless.

  • Marcelo OrozaBolivia

    I was full of questions. When I encountered Buddhism and started to read SGI President Ikeda's books, I understood that in order to change our lives we need courage. I determined to practice with courage, and I have found the answers to my questions, happiness, and a great mentor.

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