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My Favorite Gosho

"Although I and my disciples may encounter various difficulties, if we do not harbor doubts in our hearts, we will as a matter of course attain Buddhahood."

The Opening of the Eyes

Roslyn Cohen Hashimoto, Belgium

Determined to live and work for kosen-rufu in Belgium, I chanted earnestly to find a job in Brussels and finally got the one that perfectly fulfilled my requirements. That was a moment when I truly felt the power of daimoku.

Several months after I moved to Brussels, our office was suddenly closed and I was jobless. As I chanted and found inspiration in reading President Ikeda's speeches, I realized this was the chance for my development. As a result, I was able to begin working freelance and to devote myself to SGI activities for the happiness of others.

Now, married and with two children, I find myself fulfilled, totally engaged in caring for my family and SGI activities. Last year my 14-year-old son was the victim of a crime, which left him deeply traumatized. We chanted together, and he has since healed. Through this experience, all our family members gained deeper faith and began to understand the above passage better than ever before.

[Courtesy of SGI Graphic, July 2009]

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