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My Favorite Gosho

"There is no true happiness for human beings other than chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo. "

Happiness in This World

Marie France Doris Ah Vee, Mauritius

I worked as a cashier, made sweets, knitted, was a secretary and did a variety of jobs over the past years. I used to change jobs one after another, looking for my dream job. Even though I changed jobs, I never felt truly satisfied deep in my heart. One day in 1993, my cousin, who had joined SGI, said, "To become truly happy, you need a firm philosophy in life which helps you overcome any difficulty you may face." His words were inspiring. Also I was deeply moved when I learned about SGI President Ikeda's ceaseless efforts to encourage members. I soon joined SGI and started participating in activities. At that time, the longest I had ever held down a job for was two years. However, since I began practicing this Buddhism, I have worked at the same company for 15 years and have thoroughly enjoyed it.

One experience in particular made me feel extremely happy to have this faith. I had been diagnosed with an intractable disease, an illness in which my immune system didn't function normally and the disordered immunity attacked and destroyed healthy cells. At times my fingers were so sore that I couldn't even push the keys on my keyboard. My whole body was in pain, so much so that I could no longer be exposed to sunlight. However, I chanted daimoku seriously with the determination to turn this sickness into a strength in my life. While chanting, I felt pain, but I noticed that I eventually started to pray for my friends' health and happiness. I felt joy knowing I have encouraged many friends by my strength to never be defeated by my karma. I was deeply moved by the passage from Nichiren's writings cited above. If I had not taken this faith, I might have died of the illness or taken my own life out of despair. Now I am taking medication, but I am living a normal life, healthier than before, visiting members around the island.

[Courtesy of SGI Graphic, August 2009]

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