Members' Stories

Practicing Buddhism yields tangible effects within an individual’s daily life.

One person’s experiences of overcoming problems or achieving their goals can serve as inspiration for another to positively challenge his or her own circumstances.

This selection of experiences illustrates the process of "human revolution" in action--how an individual's inner-motivated transformation sparks changes in their life and circumstances.

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Lulu McLennan, U.K.

“I want to make even more of a difference with my life from this moment onwards.”

Lulu McLennan, U.K.


  • Mauro Ciullo describes how, through chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo, he was able to change the way he interacted with other residents to transform the atmosphere in his apartment building. 

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  • Ater Malath

    After surviving the horrors of civil war in South Sudan, Ater Malath encounters Nichiren Buddhism, and finds the power of faith and hope.

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  • Jennifer Isidore

    Jennifer Isidore from London describes how an encounter on her way home led her to draw on her Buddhist faith and take action to build bonds of trust and understanding with young people in her community.

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  • Yaliwe Clarke

    Moved by the Buddhist principle of the sanctity of life, Yaliwe Clarke from South Africa works to promote gender equality and the peace and security of African women.

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  • Enza Pellecchia

    Enza Pellecchia, Italy, teacher of peace studies, has found a way to utilize her skills and passions for the sake of peace

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  • Ana Bran, living in Australia, shares how she transformed deep loss and sorrow into a sense of profound appreciation through her Buddhist practice

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  • Ayako Kozuka

    Ayako Kozuka, a hibakusha who survived the atomic bombing of Hiroshima, talks about how important it is to share her story as a way to prevent the repetition of the horrors of nuclear war

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  • Koji Okumura

    Koji Okumura tells his experience of the power of face-to-face dialogue in creating peace

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  • Sipho Ndabambi

    Sipho Ndabambi, from South Africa, talks about how his Buddhist practice helped him play his part in building peace in his community

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  • Margie Hunt

    Margie Hunt, a hibakusha who survived the atomic bombing of Hiroshima, describes how she finally found the courage to tell her story

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  • Marco Della Fonte

    Marco Della Fonte describes how his Buddhist practice enabled him to channel his desire to change the world away from violent struggle and into social contribution

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