Members' Stories

Practicing Buddhism yields tangible effects within an individual’s daily life.

One person’s experiences of overcoming problems or achieving their goals can serve as inspiration for another to positively challenge his or her own circumstances.

This selection of experiences illustrates the process of "human revolution" in action--how an individual's inner-motivated transformation sparks changes in their life and circumstances.

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Lulu McLennan, U.K.

“I want to make even more of a difference with my life from this moment onwards.”

Lulu McLennan, U.K.

Human Rights

  • Alicestyne Turley

    Alicestyne Turley describes her Buddhist practice as the energizing force that led her to pursue an interest in her family heritage and begin archiving the Underground Railway network in the State of Kentucky that took fugitive slaves to freedom.

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  • Milton Lopes

    Thanks to his Buddhist practice, Milton Lopes found a way to create respectful relationships and performed in the 2012 London Paralympics Opening Ceremony.  

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  • Larry Loyie

    How Larry Loyie has devoted himself to telling the truth about the residential schools which took Aboriginal children in Canada away from their families, and how Nichiren Buddhism has helped him.

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  • Carina Taeko Chau

    Facing many challenges due to a rare brittle bone disease, Carina explains how her practice of Nichiren Buddhism has enabled her to create her own life as a make-up artist and teacher.

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  • Kate Wiggins

    Through her Buddhist practice, Kate Wiggins learns how to transform her experience of being a victim of violence to help those at an emergency shelter for abused women and their children.

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  • Tripti Tandon

    Tripti Tandon, a lawyer working for a nongovernmental organization in India that strives to protect and promote human rights, talks about how her Buddhist practice helped her gain confidence

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  • Alvin Sykes

    Through his practice of Nichiren Buddhism, Alvin Sykes has come to define success as "finding the truth and securing justice"

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  • Richard C. Brown

    Richard C. Brown describes how he was inspired to imagine a goal of bringing justice into the hands of youth and individuals in prisons and in homeless communities

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  • David Woodger talks about how his Buddhist practice helped him to transform his deep anger and resentment into a joyful life devoted to battling the true causes of racism

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  • Roger Algase

    Roger Algase, in his job as an immigration lawyer, realized that people from diverse backgrounds can work with each other in a harmonious way

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  • Marianne Acker

    Marianne Acker describes how practicing Buddhism inspired her to lead a contributive life, volunteering social services for young women in need

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  • Yo Kano, a Japanese jazz musician now living in New York, talks about blindness and disability and how Buddhism has helped him overcome the challenges they have presented

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  • Makiko Fujiwara

    Makiko Fujiwara gained the strength to overcome discrimination through her practice of Buddhism

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