Members' Stories

Practicing Buddhism yields tangible effects within an individual’s daily life.

One person’s experiences of overcoming problems or achieving their goals can serve as inspiration for another to positively challenge his or her own circumstances.

This selection of experiences illustrates the process of "human revolution" in action--how an individual's inner-motivated transformation sparks changes in their life and circumstances.

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Lulu McLennan, U.K.

“I want to make even more of a difference with my life from this moment onwards.”

Lulu McLennan, U.K.


  • Kathryn Ricketts

    Kathryn Ricketts describes how her work with autistic children is based on sharing their worlds and seeing the Buddha that is inherent within.

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  • Inspired by how his Buddhist practice enabled him to transform his environment, elementary school teacher Kenichi Kanba introduces children to the wonders of the natural world.

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  • Ryan Hayashi

    Ryan Hayashi explains how, through his Buddhist practice, he transformed the struggles of his teenage years into the determination to encourage others with similar issues.

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  • Erendro Leichombam Singh

    From complete despair, Erendro Leichombam Singh from India finds the courage and strength to achieve his dream of attending university. A recent Masters graduate of Harvard University, Erendro is now the founder of the nonprofit The Manipur International Centre.

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  • María García Zambrano

    Teaching large classes in high school, Maria Garcia Zambrano was inspired by the approach of Soka education and her Buddhist practice to treasure each student and believe in their potential.

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  • Durvalina Vitoriano da Silva

    Durvalina describes how she and her husband's lives were changed through studying with the Literacy Course for Adolescents and Adults run by SGI-Brazil, where she is now a tutor.

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  • Sandra Gualtieri

    Inspired by SGI President Ikeda's annual peace proposals, Sandra Gualtieri decided to take personal responsibility to protect human rights and promote education

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  • An educator in the UK, Nigel Straker's Buddhist practice aided him in deepening compassion for his students and his belief in their potential

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  • David Le Page

    David Le Page shares about how his Buddhist practice gives him hope and the wisdom to help encourage those battling HIV and AIDS

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  • Stephanie Tansey

    Stephanie Tansey explains how she gained wisdom, self-mastery and the preparation for her career as an educator from her practice of Buddhism

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  • Asha Gupta

    Asha Gupta describes how she came to initiate and head an educational organization and how her practice of Buddhism enabled her to overcome all the challenges on the way

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