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Practicing Buddhism yields tangible effects within an individual’s daily life.

One person’s experiences of overcoming problems or achieving their goals can serve as inspiration for another to positively challenge his or her own circumstances.

This selection of experiences illustrates the process of "human revolution" in action--how an individual's inner-motivated transformation sparks changes in their life and circumstances.

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Lulu McLennan, U.K.

“I want to make even more of a difference with my life from this moment onwards.”

Lulu McLennan, U.K.


  • Dan McKinney

    Cinematographer Dan McKinney describes how his Buddhist practice has enabled him to find within himself the qualities he needs to successfully connect to and portray the humanity of the people whose stories he is telling. 

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  • Lesley Butler

    Lesley Butler describes how her practice of Buddhism has enabled her to give full play to her talents and abilities as a puppeteer, clown, storyteller and Punch and Judy "Professor," helping others express themselves through art.

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  • Ngapaki Emery

    Ngapaki Emery shares her experience of coming to know a seemingly "foreign" practice of faith in relationship to her nationality as Māori.

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  • Edoardo Santoni

    A musician who has struggled with depression, Edoardo describes how involvement with SGI, and assisting a choir of SGI-Australia members, has helped him find a truer, more honest "voice" as a performer.

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  • Jeremy Joffee

    The World Tribune, a SGI-USA publication, speaks with Jeremy Joffee about how his Buddhist practice has enabled him to become an award-winning filmmaker

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  • Nomsa Mdlalose

    After starting to practice Buddhism, Nomsa Mdlalose realized she could pursue her passion of story-telling and establish her dream career

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    Rap artist NYCCA talks about how Nichiren Buddhism helps shape his music and enables him to lead a life of integrity

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  • Elise Mballa

    Through her practice of Buddhism, Elsie Mballa was able to focus her passion for culture into culture festivals held all around the globe

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  • Nestor Torres, a jazz musician living in the US, discovers a deeper sense of purpose to his music making through his practice of Buddhism

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  • Melanie Merians

    In the wake of the 9/11 bombings, Melanie Merians created a theatrical performance to uplift and support people

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  • Christian Duncker

    Christian Ducker explains how his Buddhist practice has enabled him to encourage and touch the lives of his patients in his role as a physician

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