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SGI-Brazil holds health seminar (blood-pressure check)SGI-Brazil holds health seminar
(blood-pressure check)

Brazil SGI (BSGI)'s educational division has initiated the "Makiguchi in Action" project, based on the ideas of educator and first Soka Gakkai president Tsunesaburo Makiguchi, in more than 100 public schools, as well as the BSGI Literacy Program, which was launched more than 20 years ago and currently has 150 trained volunteer teachers. BSGI has also created the Amazon Ecological Conservation Center, which is engaged in environmental education, setting up a seed bank and protection of endangered species. BSGl is also involved in peace education, sponsoring a student forum titled "Nuclear Arms: The Evolution of the Problem," in 2007. BSGI's Doctors Division holds annual health seminars where health providers facilitate group discussions on health-related topics.

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Dominican Republic

Dominican RepublicSGI-Dominican Republic youth planting trees

SGI-Dominican Republic (SGI-DR) has been active in promoting a reforestation movement since 1998, when Hurricane George destroyed swathes of forestland. Since then, members have carried out reforestation efforts every year, planting a total of 35,000 trees in rural areas. A series of seminars on reforestation have also been held. In response to the devastating 2010 earthquake in neighboring Haiti, SGI-DR members donated water and emergency food supplies through the NPO Socio Cultural Movement for Haitian Workers. Four SGI members from the Dominican Republic, including two doctors, traveled to Haiti to assist with the provision of emergency medical assistance. This was later followed by deliveries of tents, mosquito nets and mattresses.

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Opening of the Transforming the Human Spirit exhibition in Mexico, September 2009Opening of the "Transforming the Human Spirit"
exhibition in Mexico, September 2009

From September 9-11, 2009, an SGI delegation attended the 62nd annual conference for NGOs associated with the United Nations Department of Public Information (DPI) in Mexico City. The exhibition "From a Culture of Violence to a Culture of Peace: Transforming the Human Spirit" was shown both at the conference and at the Mexican Senate. In 2010, the Spanish-language version of the exhibition debuted at the Sciences Museum of the National Autonomous University of Mexico. The "Seeds of Change: The Earth Charter and Human Potential" exhibition, jointly created by the SGI and the Earth Charter Initiative, was shown at the Guanajuato City Culture Center as one of the first events celebrating "Earth Charter +10" and Earth Day in April 2010. It has now been shown in 11 venues throughout Mexico.

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SGI-Venezuela member speaks about peace at local schoolAn SGI-Venezuela member speaks about peace
at a local school

SGI-Venezuela has held awareness-raising and educational campaigns, as well as providing humanitarian assistance for instance during the floods that devastated large areas of the country in 1999. Other activities include a reforestation project in the Avila National Park in 2002, where some 350 people, including school students, planted 1,500 trees. Since 2001, SGI-Venezuela has actively supported UNHCR's public awareness campaigns. In 2004, SGI-Venezuela launched a program called "Peacebuilders" to prepare young people to contribute to peace, which is taught at schools and universities, especially those with a history of student violence. So far 14,000 students from over 40 schools have joined this program. This group has also joined with UNHCR, UNICEF and The Community Network, a local NGO, in the "Bridges of Peace" program, which aims to help protect and integrate refugee children into Venezuelan society and schools.

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